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KEG is a craft beer & gin tasting bar owned by us; Carl & Kim.


We first got into craft beer around 2013 whilst travelling around the country and drinking this great new style of beer that we couldn’t buy locally. It wasn't too long before we decided to bring the mountain to Mohammed and build KEG in the heart of Bourne End, Buckinghamshire.

Regarding our gin, Kim looks for gins that aren’t readily available in regular bars or supermarkets, that truly excite the palate.


There are some very good craft beer breweries and gin distillers in the area, most of which we buy from regularly, and our stock rotates

accordingly, to keep the experience exciting and fresh.



With the beer selection, we look for something that isn’t owned by a 'macro brewery' but is a privately-owned 'micro brewery'.


We're always looking for something exciting that may or may not be unfiltered or unfined; maybe something with an interesting hop combination.

A regular customer will expect to see me re-writing and arranging our beer boards with the latest additions of the week. To see what's on this week check out our home page. 

Tap 1 is our regular pilsner, Taps 2 & 3 are our seasonal selections (stouts & porters in Winter / saisons & farmhouse ales in Summer). Taps 4,5 and 6 host our stock of IPAs, whilst Taps 7 and 8 feature our local cask ales. 

Tap 9 is not to be sniffed at. It's our premium featured tap. 

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We both have a very eclectic taste in music, Kim is heavily into Bowie, Roxy Music and Lou Reed. We also like 70’s rock, punk (particularly The Clash), soul, as well as blues and music from the 50’s to the current releases.



We have a good vinyl selection and a deck to play them on as, we believe you can’t replicate that good old vinyl sound with digital platforms.

If you have your own vinyl you want to listen to, 

bring them down and put them on while you enjoy our beer and friendly atmosphere.

Hell, we even made a playlist. Check it out below:




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The decor isn’t from a specific genrè but is often described as industrial or shabby chic, with scaffold boards and up-cycled floor boards on the walls, as well as sharing tables (we encourage people to share a table with strangers and make friends) with high stools.

We also have seating outside for around 24 people

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We have KEG t-shirts and hoodies for sale with a slogan proclaiming that “They think I’m in The Co-Op” as many men, and yes, women too, often tell their spouses that they are 'going to pick up some groceries from the Co-Op', but also HAVE to pop in for a quick one in KEG. ;) 

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